The Future of ThinkPrivacy

Since launching ThinkPrivacy in 2018, originally under the name RealPrivacy, we have accomplished so much we set out to do, which was to help bring privacy focused products and services to everyday internet users. Yet, one of the best accomplishments was the people we met along the way.

We started getting asked more and more for help picking and choosing not only for individuals, but businesses and organizations who knew they could do better.

Through it though, ThinkPrivacy has remained only a passion project that is funded out my pocket. We don’t use affiliate links, and only recently tried privacy respecting ads, which don’t generate the money needed to make the project self-sustaining.

But with my professional job, my coaching job, and my freelance work, I don’t have time to devote to ThinkPrivacy any longer.

So what does this mean for ThinkPrivacy?

Immediately, nothing will change. The site will stay online and even updated for the time being.

Over time, the ThinkPrivacy recommendations will make their way over to my personal site,, and you will still be able to access the most modern and privacy friendly recommendations that we trust. The same recommendations we will help our clients enjoy.

Later, we will likely change our social handles to reflect this progression, but that remains undecided for now. We have shutdown our Mastodon account and forwarded to Arel’s personal. For Twitter, we will likely find a new handle that reflects our focus on privacy as it pertains to politics.

For us, this isn’t the end of ThinkPrivacy, but the evolution of it. With Prism.Break, PrivacyGuides, and TechLore, we don’t feel the need to compete in a great market of privacy lists and guides. Instead, we want believe our next step is helping connect the world of user and product.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see some assets begin to rebrand, and eventually, the ThinkPrivacy site relocating and ceasing to exist as you know it now.

Until then, we will continue to ensure our lists of recommendations are maintained. We are also open to the idea of merging ThinkPrivacy with other privacy sites and or selling the brand itself to those who are looking to carry on its legacy.

But know this, our commitment to privacy, our advocacy, and our work is not over. We will carry on this work under a new name and new business model, but it does not stop.